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It was essential that the design language embody the essence of the Norwegian nation. The expectations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo were that it should be a ‘green’ project, “All new projects entered into by our government have this objective. Such buildings should not only be cost and energy effective, but be environmentally and socially sustainable.” The design is a product of collaboration between representatives of different nationalities. The culmination is an inspirational workplace that reflects continued occupant participation and caters for immediate tenant-specific requirements. Norwegian furniture and artwork establish an environment that embodies the spirit of Norway. The final product was evaluated by specialist consultants from Norway and was certified as being compliant to sustainability requirements. In 2013 this project received top honours, the Award of Excellence, from the PIA (Pretoria Branch of the South African Institute of Architects). "These premises have all the qualities we want in our Embassies." - Bente Angell-Hansen, Secretary General of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs