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To address brand evolution, expanding model ranges and a diverse customer profile, ARCA Unlimited was appointed to renew various customer interaction points. Conversion of the building exterior embodies the latest brand style; with sophisticated black and white finishes and free-letter signage. The ground floor gallery displays models, such as, the S-class and Maybach: leather-clad wall panels with digital display screens form the backdrop for vehicles parked on luxurious long pile carpets, which are arranged around a curved glass vehicle configuration lounge. In contrast, the upper-level gallery space displays the latest generation of Smart vehicles in a well-illuminated bright white and yellow environment. In the AMG section, seamless floor finishes in black evoke association of a racing culture. An anthracite bulkhead with integrated feature lighting further differentiates AMG variants. The renovated Mercedes-Benz Café provides a luxurious waiting area in close proximity to service reception.