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Afriforum created Forum Films to generate and manage all audio- and visual material published by this civil-rights organisation. The young company needed a physical space to facilitate the necessary media processes. ARCA Unlimited was appointed to design a highly adaptable studio with excellent acoustic performance. Budget and space constraints had to be kept in mind. In response to financial restraints, pine plywood is the main design material. Reversible wall panelling, which can be moved with minimal effort, increases the studio’s flexibility by providing a choice of three backdrops for the TV studio. A custom-designed plywood counter can be used as a news desk or interview interface area. It can also be disassembled into two separate counters to accommodate a debate or it can be rotated to function as background for lounge seating on the TV set. Acoustic wall panelling and ceilings ensure excellent acoustic performance and also form part of the grid for camera and lighting requirements.